Sunday Donuts – Art – Decadence

September 26, 2010

Lots of people have donuts on Sunday. Some people have them with coffee everyday. Police are known to have them any day and with great frequency. Our kids – both big (grown adults) and little ones – celebrate them even on birthdays!

Artist, Susan Roden, has delved into these irresistible low cal/low carb treats (ha!) with the swirl and passion of her luscious pastels. The variations seem to speak to an individual’s identity by which type they prefer—and NOW they can be enjoyed permanently hanging on a wall!

You have your plain donut types…you can pick them out – KISS theory – safe—probably coffee – to wash it down!!! Then you have the powdered sugar – really only a step up from the plain, except it has that sweet dusting that sets is mildly apart— and can actually be quite hysterical when the powder gets all over ones lips and face!! If you love “bling” you can have colorful sprinkles…I guess the chocoholics – that category that has the chocolate frosted donuts (shown here) -are getting close to Regal – but I, having always to guild the lily on even the finest of creations, love the chocolate/cream filled or better yet – the éclairs & napoleons…oooh – can it get too rich and decadent? What type are YOU???

They can say so much as a gift—
”I Love YOU!”
“I Love You More than Donuts!”
“I Love Donuts More than YOU!”
“Happy Birthday!”
“Happy Anniversary!”
“Happy Retirement!”

What might one of these luscious pastel donuts say to YOU???? Susan will ship them framed in an elegant gold finished wood with creamy mats—standing off pastel surface—starting at $155.00 plus $15.00 domestic, insured shipping!

We have a delicious selection of the original pastels at PATRICIAN DESIGN’s website at: (search Roden) and you may also visit Susan’s blog at:

This chocolate temptation is sure to bring a smile to many faces that we know!!!


One Response to “Sunday Donuts – Art – Decadence”

  1. SUSAN RODEN Says:

    Love your writings on the sacred donut Patti! They are so fun and so sinful.

    Congratulations on your blog and will be following it.

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