Let’s Design an Outdoor Spa – NOW!!

September 28, 2010

Having designed this patio two years ago, the next phase of the project begins…an outdoor fireplace and spa area. Here are the candidates for the glass tile surround of the fireplace along with stone and stucco.
Sure the weather now is toasty warm. The hot tub is not as appealing as it might be…but as the nights begin to cool off, those wonderful escapes to the far corner of the yard into the soft, warm, swirling waters of the hot tub are inviting.
But, picture the scene on a cold winter night…tip-toeing across the yard to this magical spa retreat…slipping out of your fluffy robe – a bit of a bite from the cool air before descending into the warmth of the hot tub…ahh…Stars above, soft traffic sounds in the distance, you place your wine glass to the side of the deck, lean your head back and submerge…the hum of the whirlpool nearly mesmerizes…such luxury.
What happens next is the fun part. In anticipation of the extremely cool air that will assault your body as you rise from the warmth of the water, you stay a little longer. Yes, you’re getting pruney, but the thought of that cold cold air is intimidating at the least. No, it’s arresting as you decide to stay put just a bit more.
Finally you know the moment has come and you quickly push your way up and out from the comfort of the bubbling torrent of the very warm water into the very very cold air. Reaching for your fluffy robe you glance at the shower on the wall – ha –“ not tonight” you say as you race quickly toward the house remembering the soft evenings when the refreshing shower washed the chlorine from your body under the stars in the privacy of that intimate corner of the yard…that was then and this is now…seasons alter cases…providing different types of spa fun!
So – let’s design an outdoor spa – for all seasons – NOW!!!


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