Flintstones rate LEED certified Platinum for their residence in Bedrock!

September 30, 2010

Yabba Dabba Do!!! Let’s visit the Flintstones – that modern stone age family living in Bedrock. In celebration of their 50th Anniversary I thought we might examine their architecture and interior design.
As you might remember, Fred works at a quarry. The primary architectural materials of the residences in Bedrock are just that – rocks. Rough-hewn slabs of stone comprise the roofs and a tilt-up method for the walls is probably what was used. Porthole-like windows are cut into the thick walls and glass is never in evidence. It always is rendered as a tropical environment with palm trees and such so an open-air environment is probably suitable.
Shown in this image, Betty and Wilma are cutting a piece of fabric. The animated utensils are always amusing as they often talked during their work. Here, bird-scissors are being used – I can just hear him croaking out comments like “ARK…Why did you pick brown? Couldn’t you have selected a better color for your draperies?” The massive boulder and slab table upon which they work is something that probably doesn’t get moved around often. It’s the kind of piece that once you place it – it remains there for the duration.
The stepping stones imbedded into the flooring – probably a carpet of crusher-fine – adds definition to the traffic pattern throughout the home. Although bluestone is a natural stone in parts of Northern America, this image suggests that perhaps dyes were used to enhance the stone…possibly a natural berry stain brings blue to the interior walls and coordinating stone table.
Adding to the use of renewable resources, the rawhide lampshade is a handsome detail paired with the natural wood elements in the lamp base and small table upon which the birdcage sits all give that earthy, organic feel to the space.
The lounge chair looks comfortable enough…wonder if it is constructed from stone or actually fabricated with an early upholstery method?
All in all, the Flinstones can take us back to a simpler time and show us what GREEN DESIGN is really all about!!! Their home would certainly rate a LEED certification of Platinum if not higher don’t you think!!??



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