Swarovski Crystal Blings the World!

October 1, 2010

It seems these days that the least likely things are receiving an extra dose of decorative embellishment – in the form of bling – namely Swarovski crystals…what was once a whimsical collectible to place in a pretty little display case – a mouse, a rooster, a flower or a cactus…these sparkly little creatures and ornaments were sought after by many. Now their bling has been incorporated by designers into all manner of decorative items from rustic Mexicanesque picture frames (Consuelo) to greeting cards, and interior furnishings.
Yes, if hot pink velour wasn’t enough, let’s add tufted buttons of Swarovski Crystals!!! Shown here, the newest trend in going over the top! One can only imagine what will be next…they are probably already studding cars with them…we know they adorn tee-shirts…Might they turn up as courses of studs as body bling? We have piercings of rings and studs of all manner – but just like they race up the leg of a pair of designer jeans – we can only imagine them studding the calves and thighs of decadent , flashy, glitzy bodies!!
Perhaps we should all be investing in Swarovski Crystal for the new design mega trend!!!
Bling Cha-ching!


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