Bubbles and Balloons and the ART of fine wine-making – New Mexico’s Gruet Winery!

October 3, 2010

If Corona is the “crowned” cerveza of Mexico – is it a coincidence that Budweiser coined the “King of Beers”? Well, that is for another discussion, this week it’s all about the bubbly and New Mexico’s award winning Gruet Winery is perfectly positioned to meet the public as they gather in mass for Albuquerque’s International Balloon Fiesta! Their impressive structure located on the east frontage road just north of Paseo del Norte is a treat to experience. Take a tour, have a taste (or a few), reserve a private room for a party – there’s a lot to learn and enjoy about Gruet! The ART of wine-making and specifically “sparkling wine,” has been mastered here in the state of New Mexico by the Gruet family and they’ve  put us on the map among wineries around the world! http://www.gruetwinery.com/family.htm
They say it’s all about our altitude, good soil, warm days and cool nights – the grapes like our climate! Yeah! Everyone likes our climate! We love our enchanting four seasons, crisp air, clear skies…and it seems that grapes like it too!
Anyone who has ever taken a balloon flight knows the connections between balloonists and champagne (oops, we can’t call it champagne even if it is a world class rendition – IF it is not produced in “Champagne.)” That would be FRANCE! I’m not going to divulge the surprises that await those of you who have yet to experience a hot-air balloon ride and the bubbly…suffice it to say, it is a memorable experience for many reasons…
Ok, with the Balloon spirits in the air, I was drawn to the magical, historical connection of the effervescent bubbles to the Balloon Fiesta and wanted to take a visit to Gruet. Albeit a quick visit squeezed into a busy Sunday afternoon, Mom and I thoroughly enjoyed our moment at the bar as we bellied up and tasted a bit of the bubbly. Shannyn explained the history of the winery, a preliminary lesson in wine-making and specifically sparkling versions – she let us know that ”bubbles and balloons – they just go together.”
You’ve seen the t-shirts, “my parents went on this tropical cruise and all they brought me was this lousy t-shirt.” Well, I purchases a bit of the bubbly – specifically the Blanc De Noirs NV – which, to my uneducated palette, was dry but flavorful – not bitter – lovely – and that’s that! Shannyn agreed that it was her personal favorite too! Anyway…I also picked out a light-weight black t-shirt for my husband who elected to position himself in front of Sunday football instead of experiencing this New Mexico prize! The shirt sports a softly grey-scaled, screened bottle and fabulous phrase “Kiss French, Drink American!” Woo Hoo!! I’ll drink to that!!!
What I knew prior to this afternoon’s tasting you could fit into a thimble…now, you can fit it into a shot glass – but I want to return so that I can master the understanding that fills a flute-full! It is a fun and fascinating treat – indulge!


One Response to “Bubbles and Balloons and the ART of fine wine-making – New Mexico’s Gruet Winery!”

  1. SUSAN RODEN Says:

    Gruet is the best!
    With a visit there in the 90’s, I had an opportunity to taste there wine and bbubly. Incomparable experience.

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