The Art of Personal Expression – A Study

October 5, 2010

We all have it. Some more studied and self-conscious than others. The other day, “personal expression” artfully presented himself in front of me in a manner that decidedly caught my attention. Meet Oscar – sporting a neat and tidy ensemble of clothing, bright and clown-like right down to the greatly over-sized bright yellow sneakers – a Converse-like type – he was a vision to be examined. Rings on all fingers, pins attached here and there, odd-shaped red plastic sun glasses with Technicolor tattoos wrapping his neck and peeking out from his sleeves, a brilliant checked shirt and coordinating vest all topped with a straw hat wrapped with a bright red band. He was decked and designed from head to toe!
Personal expression…taken to this length it truly was an art-form. Proudly he posed for the camera before he peddled off on his bicycle, khaki cargos banded so as not to interfere with his pedals, we wondered in what fantastic garb he might next appear.
Oscar Munoz - the ARt of Personal Expression


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