Do YOU Have Good Design Scents?

October 6, 2010

Do you like adding scents to your home or office? It’s becoming an increasingly popular thing to do. It can be your signature of YOUR space – an identity that is associated with your presence not unlike personal fragrance colognes and perfumes.
It was always thought that boiling a pot with cinnamon sticks was a nice seasonal touch in a home or a trick that realtors used to market a home. Not a bad idea. Yet, I have encountered some examples that do NOT qualify for “good design scents.” One such interior was so permeated with a musty, moldy smell that the attempt to mask the source was doubly unpleasant. Often people think that the addition of a candle or diffuser will eliminate the animal accidents, neglected litter boxes or leftover bacon from breakfast – NOT so! Clean is good and it is an imperative, in any interior, to locate and clean the offensive odor and only then begin to build your multi-sensory environment.
From a berry nice “Red Currant” to a refreshing “Clean Crisp White” the fragrances on the market today are seemingly endless. While candles are romantic and continue to contribute a dimensional effect by their fire-light that dances in the darkness, bamboo diffusers offer a means of controlling the amount of fragrance that you release into the air. By turning only one or two of the sticks rather than flipping the entire wad, you can control the intensity of the aroma. Let it also be noted that one is not playing with fire with these sources – thereby eliminating that risk!
For candles on the dining table it is advisable to use unscented. Nothing worse than vanilla bean, honey suckle or black ginger wafting under your nose as you enjoy chicken enchiladas or a handsome roast beef! Confusion of fragrances is another thing to avoid. Most tapers are unscented and certain columns too–but be sure to check!
These new pear-shaped candles by Vance Kittera come in attractively boxed sets of three lovely colors, yet burn cleanly and without fragrance so you can create tablescapes without imposing on your dinner party. Organic and handsome when placed on tiles of black slate, these pears present a perfect party presentation. Dress them up on a silver tray for a more formal effect.


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