Design and Perception – How to Conquer the Seasonal Dichotomies.

October 7, 2010

Seasonal changes do affect Interior Design. It is a bit more challenging to design a tropical retreat when there is snow standing outside. There’s a psychological connect (if not physical too) to current weather conditions and perceived comfort levels. And with that, the selection process can get skewed.
I have a friend with whom I tease that she dons her corduroys in mid-August when the kids get ready to go back to school. You know that quarterly change when you purge your closet and reorganize for the next season. And for sure the example of corduroys in August illustrates the perception of a seasonal change even though it is still summer and quite hot!
This season we are having a delay in the changing of the leaves. Often during Balloon Fiesta, in early October, the bosque is turning yellow and that belt of golden cottonwoods bisecting our city is a clear signature of autumn. Right now however, most leaves are still green, the weather has been warm and yet the Halloween decorations are out, pumpkins and fall leaves are all over the stores – but all the flowers are still blooming and summer seems to keep hanging on. That same friend who marks very decided seasonal changes can’t stand to see lingering pink or white flowers remaining from summer. She wants to yank them out (even in other people’s yards) and force the seasons to move forward – it’s Fall for crying out loud!!!
So be mindful that as you consider changes in your interiors that the heavy chenille fabrics in a burnt-orange color that sound so appealing in the coming weeks will need to carry you through the re-birth of spring and the hot summer months. Think balance. To conquer these seasonal dichotomies, it’s always a combination of textures, finishes and colors that will result in the successful creation of a room for all seasons – that and the decorative seasonal accoutrements of a pumpkin or pot of tulips – depending upon that time of year!


One Response to “Design and Perception – How to Conquer the Seasonal Dichotomies.”

  1. Kelli Says:

    Well, get rid of those Impatients! If you don’t get your mums, pumpkins and ristras out by October1 you’ll get cheated on the fall season. Afterall, the Monday after Thanksginving it’s out with the fall and in with the holiday decor! I don’t care what the temperature is.

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