“Poof,” It Shall Be – The Art of Custom Orders!

October 14, 2010

It is great fun and essentially satisfying to work with artists to create custom items for projects. It takes time to cultivate a group that covers the many disciplines of artistic media. Whether we are creating custom stair railings, garden sculptures, pottery serving platters, jewelry, furniture, cabinets…the list is endless! Ironworkers, painters on canvas and/or board, painters of large scale murals, faux finishes, woodworkers, furniture craftsmen, potters, seamstresses, upholstery magicians…we enjoy working with all manner of artistry and craftsmanship!
Last week I had a client admire a vibrant chartreuse lotus bowl by artist Penne Roberts that we had on display in the shop. It makes quite a statement with its large wavy form of a flower-like design embossed with intricate geometric patterns. The client admired it but lamented the fact that she wished it would come in a golden sunflower yellow – “Poof” said the fairy godmother of artists who love to create custom orders! And with that, Penne was contacted and we met to discuss glaze colors and the bowl is currently built, drying and waiting for the bisque layer and the final coat of golden yellow glaze!
Here are a few of these magnificent lotus bowls! Specify your color and “poof,” it shall be!!


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