Incredible Office Possibilities

October 15, 2010

Hiding out in the comfort of your home, a mountain retreat or your favorite beach escape – working outside the office takes on limitless possibilities for some and if you are among those lucky ones – well, fooey on you!! It has opened up many design opportunities though, from dual-purposing rooms in your residence to maximize the available technology from the road.
Home offices once were simply a desk tucked into the kitchen cabinets where clipped coupons accumulated, recipes were housed, household expenses were paid and a calendar of doctor and dentists appointments was kept. Not anymore!
The first consideration is whether this is your only office – or is it a secondary location to your primary place of business. If it is the primary office – will you need to see people – employees, clients, associates that might make you consider having a direct outside entrance to your office space – avoiding impositions on your personal privacy? Do you have the luxury of assigning a specific room in your home to this purpose or will you have to insert an office area into another room? This probable dual-purposing can be quite challenging. Space utilization, efficient function of the space, and comfort all come into play in even the smallest of spaces.
Funny, as I write this blog today, we are winding through the mountains, on the way to a weekend getaway in Angel Fire. Laptop, new Droid (Incredible – Ha!), wireless connection for the road…armed with the necessities of the technology that changes by the minute making such conveniences – well, incredible!


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