Make-over – Simple Effectiveness – Color and the Orderly Path

October 16, 2010

Interior Design is a process and in order to be effective, that process needs an orderly path. Not all projects are intended to be sterile examples of the finite principles of good design, yet successful interior make-overs will effectively transform at least the appearance if not the function of a space. Yes, form should always follow function – as architect Louis Sullivan stated in 1896 – but if the function is established to be working well, then the focus becomes the changes needed for visual and sensory improvement.
To that end, there are endless paint colors. There are far less choices than that in other decorative elements. When planning a space, starting with the item of which there are fewer choices springboards the process and creates a base from which to build your design.
Here is an example of a rug determining the basis for the color scheme to follow. Even though there are myriad rugs out there, they are far fewer in number than there are paint colors! The small rug sample can be seen tossed on the floor near the original round rug. The wool yarns knotted in the new sample offer a collection of colors that are extracted to coordinate the scheme. The brick tones are repeated in the pair of ottoman, the golden tones become the walls, ceiling and trim, the green shades are used to refinish furniture and cabinets with a painted facelift, pink and aqua tones are found in the existing painting which anchors the room on the far wall.
Before and after shots are always fun. The warms colors of the new scheme bring all the elements together creating a cohesive and comfortable interior. The contrast of the undressed before shots and the fully appointed after shots – primarily appointed by new colors and finishes – illustrate the simplicity yet dramatic result of the makeover. Ta Da!


2 Responses to “Make-over – Simple Effectiveness – Color and the Orderly Path”

  1. Easy as pie! Well, for some…

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