Managing to Get Away

October 17, 2010

I know people, who absolutely will NOT be interrupted when away from the office. I can understand this if the person of whom we are referring is not key to the operation of the business. However, I am talking about principles, manager/owner people who are in a service based business and when they are away – tough luck – they will not be disturbed. I don’t get it.
As our beautiful weekend getaway winds down, I’m reviewing it all – fall colors, cozy cabin, great friends, food and fun. Wild deer lick the tasty block that is perched on an upturned log, while boldly patterned black and white magpies dart through the trees and even scold the deer for imposing on their self-proclaimed territory. And as a perfect reference to last Friday’s blog about home offices, here was the office for the weekend – set amidst the changing golden aspen in Angel Fire.
The ability to manage work issues and utilize down time even when away can be a relaxing and reassuring feeling. To know that you are getting something accomplished is, for us, an important part of being able to take time away from home. Getting away is refreshing, rejuvenating and a great boost, however, to stay connected and to be able to respond and advise is invaluable. We don’t want our employees or clients to be delayed or inconvenienced by our travel schedule – to the extent that we can help it. Therefore, the reassurance that we are connected and also providing reassurance to our clients and staff that they can get answers, assistance or advice when we are away.
So thank you technology for the tethers that ties us and makes it easy to manage from afar!


2 Responses to “Managing to Get Away”

  1. And it saves the stress of having to fix things upon return!

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