Are YOU Thinking Pink this Month?

October 18, 2010

Well, the NFL is – and “sporting” all manner of pink equipment to prove it!!! It’s exciting to see such a large, visible and popular organization – of big brawny men – getting so involved in the Breast Cancer Awareness focus. As they have said – they all have wives, mothers, daughters, and sisters too and it is quite remarkable to learn of how many have been directly affected by this disease in their families.
The concern transcends the traditions and mores of men in pink – but they still get a lot of mileage from flaunting their colors in direct opposition to their otherwise manly selves. Pink on a big, hairy, macho football player – you bet!! If they can do it – so can YOU!!
In addition to presenting this ever so visible color scheme in their uniforms etc, they are entertaining women, putting on programs, and holding events all for the express purpose of uplifting the spirits of the survivors and the ones currently battling the beast – they contribute tremendously to this great cause! Hail to the Redskins!!!!! (You can take the girl out of Washington – but you can’t take Washington out of the girl!!!)
So here are MY Ralph Lauren open-back pointy, fun, pink pumps – THE choice footwear for this month’s awareness!!! What’s YOURS????


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