Fall into Fall!

October 19, 2010

Here we are smack dab in the middle – well, a little past – of October and the official October Fest has come and gone, Balloon Fiesta came and went and we still have tons of green leaves intimidated by the seemingly summer-like weather, clinging boldly to the trees, discouraged from transitioning into fall.
If it isn’t real fall leaves that brings the season into its colors, the retail onslaught of decorative embellishments starting in August bombards us into forced recognition. This year though has been different. This warm weather keeps toying with us and our would-be interior seasonal expressions.
I’m not one to deck the halls with boughs of oak leaves, small colorful gourds and cinnamon candles, but when I am in an environment that presents that scene and celebration of the season, I am prone to smile. I’ll buy a flowering mum and some real squash that I will use during the next few weeks…but as a designer, it’s funny that I can embellish for others to the max – but for my own taste, it’s a more minimal effect.
Fall is comforting. We come inside and nestle into our interior environments leaving all but the hearty to gather around the chimenias and fire pits on those chilly and even colder nights. But tonight it’s balmy. The crickets are still chirping and flowers are still blooming in the gardens and pots – some straining with the extra long growing season and others thriving with the marvelously mild air. We’ll sleep another night with our doors and windows wide open. Not for long…
It’s bound to happen, the chill will come in like the fog on little cat feet and before you know it, it will be winter for the duration. And although we have relatively mild winters here in Albuquerque, it is still that distinct seasonal change that invites fires in the fireplaces, a change of wardrobe, migration indoors for living spaces and for me – a switch from tequila and rum to red wine and scotch (vodka is a non-seasonal or all-seasonal beverage)!
Yes, the seasons are important and the scented candles, fires in fire places, snuggly throws, warm scarves, boots and increased textures and layers of clothing offer the opportunity for expression and enjoyment of that seasonal change every time!
So rearrange the furniture, gather around the fireplace, plan the dinner parties, dress your tables, change your pillows, bring in the cinnamon and pumpkin decorations and fall blissfully into fall!


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