What Will Make YOU Comfortable As the Temperature Drops?

October 20, 2010

I’m late tonight…the thunder sounds suggest that the weather might be turning…really? We’ve had promises of dipping temperatures for the past week – but with that rolling, booming sound – we wonder to what temperature we will awaken…and deal with as we face the day.
It starts with – what to wear…chilly, hopping up and shivering around all the while watching Steve Stucker tell us that it will be 70+ by mid-day. Yes, it starts cooler and gets warmer as the day progresses – but if it’s rainy tomorrow – it might not make that increasingly warmer daytime temperature.
So what do we do to make this seasonal adjustment? We do several things. We change our menus from salads and lighter fare to stroganoff and savory baked dishes. The cold cheese and grape platters become warmed brie, chutney and nuts. Stove-top oatmeal might replace those out-of-the-box cheerios. Hot toddies versus towering iced concoctions…the list goes on…
Similarly, what do we do at this time of year to make ourselves comfortable regarding our interior design? We’re drawn to fabrics that are more of the soft snuggly chenille, velvet, woolen textures rather than the cool slick chintz or otherwise crisp lightweight cottons. We want comfy throws on the sofa within easy reach to wrap and cocoon in like a toasty burrito. Colors go from cool refreshing tones of blues and all manner of pastels to bricks and orange tones. It is absolutely true that you can change a person’s perceived temperature with the colors around which you surround them. Might the half warm/half cool purple be a color for all seasons? Hmmm…
That is NOT to say that you would not create a perfectly comfortable summer environment with brick colored patio cushions – however, if you had the luxury of changing with the seasons, you might select a color that suggested a reprieve from the heat. Texture plays a part too – that same brick patio cushion in a smooth fabric versus one of plus chenille would be an entirely different effect.
Days are shorter, we light more candles. Scented candles shift from berries and flowers to spices and evergreen fragrances. Here are plump, multi-textural down-filled purple pillows – a color for all seasons and an inviting throw! It’s fun and rejuvenating to move with the seasons embracing the best aspects of each! So snuggle, celebrate – enjoy!!!


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