“Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s off to work we go…”

October 22, 2010

Nice article “Home is where the office is” in this week’s New Mexico Business Weekly just out today. Amanda Kooser interviewed me along with several others in the design profession about the increase in home offices – who’s doing it and how.
There are lots of reasons. As I was quoted saying, “People who are doing home offices are as disparate and many as the kinds of businesses there are out there.” Just yesterday as I sat in a meeting at my office (real office, away from home – downtown – same place for decades) with a client and his architect, we were discussing the need for an office. He, an accountant was explaining how much of his work is done electronically – to which I said “You’re the guy on the beach with his laptop – working from anywhere.” To which he responded that it was practically true in many cases. He however is in the process of doing a build-out of a new condo purchase he has made in an office park. There are still important meetings to be held for the client whose needs require the face-to-face consultations that are not as effectively handled from afar.
Staffing requirements, manufacturing, and meeting or presenting in your own office space are each a reason why the conventional office still has a place. But for those who do not have those requirements, the alternatives are many. It is a timing thing right now that the economy has forced many to re-think their use and/or need for a conventional private office and move into their homes or executive office suites with shared amenities, while the technology has facilitated such moves. As the article explains, technology has allowed the WiFi freedom that has nearly no bounds.
If you consider the advantages of a home office, list your priorities, evaluate your options and contact your favorite Interior Designer to help make the plan. Simple questions such as: Will you receive clients or work associates? Do you require exterior access? Do you have the space to dual purpose your office space? How much storage will you need? Whether it’s beautiful or simple – it must function for your needs, support your productivity, and satisfy your comfort and aesthetic sensitivities.
So with visual connections over the screen that allow you the freedom to only dress properly from the waist-up while conducting a teleconference, to multi-tasking by doing your laundry while preparing a presentation or reviewing a proposal, you might find yourself singing “Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s off to work we go” – maybe in our pajamas!!!


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