Simple and Quiet, By Design

October 24, 2010

The towering old silos loomed up from our quiet gathering that was to be a perfect autumn adventure. “Trust me,” I said as we ventured forth not really knowing where we were headed or what we would encounter.
The girls had their hearts set on the “pumpkin patch” out by Moriarity, but we had closer destinations in mind. With a few tears of disappointment and the promise of fun things to come, we were enchanted by what we ultimately found.
Simplicity… almost to a fault. Today, without crowds, was serene. Los Poblanos has multi-seasonal charm…yet as the Indian Summer season wanes and the good days of warm weather become more suspect, today provided THE perfect weather for an outing as we took three little ladies to “the country.”
The tractors fascinated…the rows of pumpkins delighted…the scenery could not be missed even by the young ones who could easily be oblivious to such things…it was all part of a perfectly painted canvas in which we were to participate.
The Farm Store – spare, yet charming – select of products for sale – carefully chosen – some made on the premises – lovely lavender – special toys, good books, springboard for further opportunities…was intriguing for adults, mildly interesting for the kids – yet precious in its situation. We selected a delicious bag of spiced pecans and an elegant bar of lavender soap. I found it inspirational and set my thoughts for freshly harvested food-prep and de-construction of adornment… refreshing.
Petting the goats and admiring the array of chickens was certainly entertaining for all. The presentation of an olive oil bunt cake to feed the stock created frenzy. Beautiful white geese with brilliant orange faces/beaks honked, pecked and thrust their necks through the fencing to startle the little ones. Baby goats eager to be petted nuzzled the wire. All forms of fancy chickens darted about like fashion models knocked a little silly and unable to follow a distinct path.
Water gardens, weeping willows, traditional porticos adorned with chile ristras, courtyards compete with thoughtful mosaic fountains of quiet re-circulating water relaxed and renewed. This was a property of evolution and careful reinvention – quite by design.
Happy Fall – Awesome Autumn – get out there are breathe the air, select your pumpkins, walk the pathways, hike the trails, and return at the end of a most satisfactory day to the cozy interior that you call home.


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