Just the Right Amount of Fright

October 29, 2010

From Scary or Happy to just the right amount of fright – here at a client’s house yesterday I found a great example of just the right amount of fright. It’s all in the eye of the beholder – obviously – and I already stated my bent toward the Happy in Halloween – but this hairy guy was irresistible!! Just right for me!
A rather formal dining scene…expensive fabrics upholstered on stylish contemporary chairs gathered around a round, glass-top table and there he was perched long-legged and hairy with the red glowing eyes – smack dab in the center – PERFECT, I thought as I whipped out my camera and embraced the marginally scary suggestion of the Halloween fright accessory!
Last week I was cruising through the grocery store with Anya in the cart and I reached for a less interesting but big black paper spider that was sitting atop a display of humongous bags of Halloween candy. Anya frowned at me and scolded with her ever so serious 4 year old focus – “You can’t take that – it is for their decoration!” I was astonished! So much for getting a rise out of her – I just didn’t expect such mature posturing.
Decorative accessories for fright night…one man’s creepy is another man’s tame, another’s horror is the other’s fake attempt…one kid’s freaky pleasure is another’s nightmare for weeks to come! The differences are as varied as the people who celebrate the season.
Happy two days before Halloween as we near the culmination of the season’s costuming, candy corning, pumpkin carving, witches flying on broomsticks, and caldrons smoldering with gobs of spaghetti (brains)that thrill, chill and delight tricker-treaters of all ages!


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