Fiber Art with a Heart

October 30, 2010

“Boo” – tomorrow is Halloween and the build-up will finally culminate with all the princesses and goblins racing around the streets squealing, giggling, and comparing loot. Crashing into bed with visions of sugar plums dancing – oops wrong holiday!! Seriously though, these holiday events are so intense and exciting that kids of all ages are exhausted by the time they come and go. But here’s a comforting Halloween story about over-coming true-life fears.
Artist Christine Limke creates wonderful soft felt creatures. She had a heart attack. She thought she was going to die and it arrested her in her tracks. This was over ten years ago – she was only in her forties. She quit her job and curled up and waited in fear for the next shoe to drop. With encouragement however, she slowly decided to confront her fears and create these loveable little monsters, boos, fuzzles all with freaky faces – each adorned with a little red heart. She decided that if she could reduce her fears to things that were more funny than scary that things would improve… and they did.
Often unfairly confused with “ugly dolls” these individually handmade pieces are beautifully designed and crafted entirely by Christine. They come in all colors and textures of material, some are flag-carrying red, white and blue patriotic, others are pastel, others are made with camouflage fabric and many are themed for holidays like the “boo” shown here for Dia de Los Muertos and Halloween – others carry bunnies at Easter, some wear glittery derby hats sporting shamrocks at St. Patrick’s Day. She will even do custom orders – you tell her what would make a doll personal for YOU and she will create one!
Visit the link below to see some of her many designs and find one for you or someone you know just to show how much you care to give them a cuddly companion who will tickle their funny bone!!
Go to and enter Limke in the search bar.
"Boo"  fiber art by Christine Limke $20.00


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