Take This Color Test – Context is the Key!

November 3, 2010

By an interesting coincidence, after having blogged about the Flavor of Color yesterday, I came across this fascinatingly simple color perception test…now, I didn’t get a zero…but I didn’t do too badly considering that my computer was not calibrated, etc… However, what it underscored for me was that my continuous reference with color is all about CONTEXT. Different but not completely removed from the description of colors as I explained in the Flavor blog, color is not only the first descriptive response, but more accurately determined by context.

Once you take this quick color test, you will see that all of your selections are based upon the context of the collective. If you are trying to select a white for example…it might seem perfectly “white” – that is until you place another “white” right next to it. One might look pink and the other yellow or grey – you were happy to have selected a white until the other(s) appeared.

So have some fun and take the test – it’s easy and fast!! See how well you do and how quickly you do it!  Then take some time to play with colors – sheets of plain “white” paper, envelopes, then paint chips…pick a green and then another green that you think is similar…and then compare and see how they differ! It’s challenging and telling. Never trust a color selection without benefit of a contextual comparison(s).



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