Escape Fear of Stains – Extract!

November 5, 2010

Selecting a decorative, fancy – if you will – 100% wool, handmade rug for your KITCHEN…sounds a tad impractical. One might be either overly preoccupied with “look” or painfully tame when it comes to creating not so flamboyant meals at home. But really, it is admirable that one would want that total design right down to the most rich, porous – albeit washable material in the most precarious part of your home.
But it does go back to practice…I’m not here to talk about messy cooking habits versus tidy. I really DO know fantastic cooks who are amazingly tidy…I, however, cannot follow that lead.
You know people who live in such pristine environments that they won’t let people drink red wine…fear of stain!!! Fair enough…finishes and fabrics are supposed NOT to be destroyed by casual use. They are intended to be used – enjoyed. Yet, you can free yourself of this prison of permanent destruction.
My suggestion today to this stylish and daring soul regarding the BRAVE selection of a plush wool rug for the kitchen is a Shop Vac!! Yes, I should have stock in these babies…if you REALLY want to clean something…EXTRACT it!!!! If you spill on a sofa, carpet, area rug…with few exceptions, dousing it with soapy water and sucking the whatever out of it – will result in clean fiber. Rinse and suck – that should be a commercial!! It works!!
So we all at some point select a less than practical material, item, etc…but knowing how to recover from a catastrophe is paramount!!! So, eat, drink be merry and have a Shop Vac at the ready!! Yes!!


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