Take YOUR Comfort Temperature

November 6, 2010

Classic color schemes bring comfort. And yet, I am one to experiment with all manner of color combinations. But when you return to the classics, it is so soothing…like a basic blue and white or a classic blue and white shared with yellow.
It’s not even about punctuation…or any of those other “exciting” terms used to express dynamic color splashes…It might be a neutral brown and cream…natural woods and organic elements…soft greens and all in that family of soothing schemes.
Take a look around you and discover what makes you calm, comfortable, productive or relaxed. Color and the finishes that you select will have great bearing on your physical and psychological framework. Take note when you are out in various environments…and take your “comfort” temperature. Stimulation is of great value at times, when at other times, the right balance of color and texture mean so much for your restorative well-being – after the productivity slows and a restful reprieve is needed.


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