The Magical Mystery Tour between Trends and Trendy – Retail.

November 9, 2010

When you enter a retail establishment, (or any establishment/environment) what makes you say, ”whoa, that’s cool.” I met today with a group of people taking over a retail establishment with a similar business of that which occupied the space previously…but, they wanted to make a distinct statement with their taking-over of this same-type of operation.

With limited requirements for the interior schemes of this franchise, we studied the brand of the primary product, for color and style. Then we studied dozens of photos of like-kind stores across the country. How did they differ and which ones stood out and why?

The first order of business is to identify your customer base. What is the broadest reach you expect to get and also, more specifically, what is the primary focus of age and/or adaptability and availability that you want to impress. Yes, impress – not in an elitist way, but merely impress from the standpoint that you offer your customers an attractive, professional environment that encourages and actually instills confidence. What will possibly cause them to be intrigued, comfortable, stimulated, confident in your offerings and maybe even pleasantly surprised? We then examined the values and course of trends versus trendy to accomplish this “whoa” factor.

This really transcends all of design – and will no doubt enter into my subsequent blogs…“Trendy” suggests that the design is a flash in time, a specific that is so different that it makes a statement, but one that will not last, run their course, but might make a niche position in the long run of trendy trends that leaves a mark. Pet Rocks – enough said. Yet, so as not to limit the description of trendy to something as finite as ”‘Pet Rocks,” there are trendy designs that have become iconic – like those which were adopted by the Austin Powers movies to mockingly emulate the Magical Mystery tour of the 60s and 70s with all of the psychedelic graphics and colors of that hallucinogenic age of Aquarius!

Trends are a more contiguous flow of popular design elements – not a one-shot-wonder – but a path of design progression that adopts popular sentiment, need for contrast, and comfort. Also, they can be contrasting and antagonistic – but as a trend, the design decisions often walk a fine line between trends and what could be, might be, trendy…

So we discusses the subject of athletic footwear with an emphasis on orthotics, related products, and medically determined elements to compliment the healthy goal of fitness. The key to doing so, at this shop, is moving under your own power with the proper footwear and complimentary accoutrements in an environment that promotes a continuous practice. So, based upon that…how do you attract, impress and engage your customers with their first “point of arrival” in YOUR place of business? Hmmmmm….


2 Responses to “The Magical Mystery Tour between Trends and Trendy – Retail.”

  1. SUSAN RODEN Says:

    So intriguing Patti!

    I think this strategy -of identifying one’s customer base – is so very relevant to all business ventures, whether it’s brick and mortar or internet.

    Thanks for the insight!

  2. […] times nonetheless. This goes back to the question of when are trends, trends? See the blog…… and prior blogs referencing trends’ distinctions. So, “Hoo-ray for Hollywood” thank you […]

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