Life Design – with a Focus – with a Purpose!

November 13, 2010

The freedom of expression and comfort derived from designing a space just for you is a gift. It might not seem that way at first. But it will become a personal interpretation of your definition of home and life that is simply astonishing. If home is your safe zone and the place you go to get renewed and rejuvenated…it deserves the attention to detail that will bring you the most satisfaction. It might also be the place from which you work. I encountered this tonight and was refreshed merely by experiencing the environment and the manner in which it was programmed, furnished and finished.
A very talented woman has re-designed her life. With that major transition has come a refining of her priorities, culling of redundant accumulations, incorporating of things special, important and sentimental, focusing on things of beauty and those that give her pleasure.
Most of us have accumulated more that we will ever need. Some of this is just life. Years of acquisitions, and gifts…bordering on hording, results in that over-accumulation that is life. Only because we might need it someday or someone gave it to us or we just haven’t taken the time to clean house, we become overwhelmed with stuff. Not to mention, the places to which you could donate such extra things are greatly in need and the many people who also would benefit from you discarding duplicate articles of clothing or household accessories are worth the exercise.
Seeing this new lease on life tonight was so refreshing and up-lifting that is was startling. Yes, it was so positive and so forward-moving that was inspirational. This goes beyond interior design. This was life design – with a focus – with a purpose. And the result was wonderful, complete and had room for new layers of carefully selected acquisitions as her future unfolds.
So, step back and take stock. By peeling away layers of stuff you might free yourself of layers of burden. The result might be a refreshed interior design that will translate into a refreshed lifestyle. A place from which to go forward!


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