Sensational Project by Sensational People

November 14, 2010

I didn’t quite get it when I was asked to participate in a table-top design event for” Sensational Settings” to benefit St. Luke’s Home in Tucson. I thought…”how interesting could it be for people to buy tickets for an event, in the middle of the day, on a Sunday, to see table dressings?” Whoa, was I surprised!!!
The months of planning upon years of prior events – this is their 15th year – results in a perfectly orchestrated, aesthetically beautiful (right down to the auction sheets – double layered with matching raffia bow attachments) of the bountiful, colorful silent auction…spectacular presentation of the raffled dining table settings, exquisite catering delicacies, party cocktail bar and desserts galore!
Upon entering the room, many designers had started their presentations and our first reaction was “uh oh, we’re not vertical!” The table tops scattered around this big room were towering with decorative regalia and we knew we were only presenting a blue glazed Mexican pottery piece in the center of our table.
As the day unfolded, we were quite pleased with our modest, yet colorfully layered tables dressings… magenta floor-length 120” cloth, topped with a French embroidered chartreuse square and that topped with a loose weave multi-colored Brazilian filet lace. Then, were the multi-tones of the green woven fringed rectangles and wavy woven coral placemats. Upon which were placed the antique blue and white Talavera dinner plates. They were topped with hot pink paper cocktail napkins with a botanical pink-on-pink pattern – upon which was a cocktail glass of Mexican hand-blown blue glass in which was a bouquet of mixed alstroemeria lilies in bright pink, golden yellow and deep magenta – the mix was magic! The additional accoutrements were three hand-blown Tequila bottles from Mexico (yes, I save those beautiful hand-blown bottles once empty – as art forms – porque no?) and glass mosaic votive candle jars white and yellow glass, spiral blue glass hand-blown stemmed goblets from Mexico, and the October 2010 issue of Tucson Lifestyle Home and Garden Magazine in which our casita was featured, and the hot pink, carnation pink, and sunflower yellow cotton napkins in the dyed wooden and woven ball napkin holders from the 50s and the stunning blue pottery piece that was the center of our world. It was a celebration of Tequila and Talavera – Ole! Hence, the name of our table, yes, “Tequila and Talavera, Ole”!
What a fun and fabulous event! Creative energy gathering for a sensational organization. Thank you all!! We loved being involved!!


3 Responses to “Sensational Project by Sensational People”

  1. SUSAN RODEN Says:

    Your words truly paint a picture Patti! Just love your descriptive narrations.
    Looks like such a fun event too.

  2. pattisays Says:

    Thanks Susan – it really was tough to describe such spectacular and extremely creative designs!!

  3. I notice when I’m seated at a table with a vertical centerpiece, it usually blocks my view of the person across from me at the table. Someone at the table usually eventually courageously moves it so we can see one another and talk. So, in my humble opinion, you were right on by not going vertical.

    Of course, i know this was fantasy and no one was going to dine at these fabulous tables.

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