Get Ready for Thanksgiving You Turkey!

November 18, 2010

We were in a fabulous candy store in Charleston and the creativity expressed in the confections was hilarious. The holiday season and the art of design – from candy to pies, turkey preparation with gold leafing to Pilgrim Joe’s (Trader Joe’s) Pumpkin Ice Cream, it’s the beginning of the most festive few weeks of the year and the art of designing for the celebrations begins!
Yes, from humor and whimsy to luxurious detail the elements are endless. The craft paper turkeys and pilgrims that come home from school projects and decorate the fronts of refrigerators, dangle from chandeliers over the center of the table and tack onto bulletin boards are the simple basics.
I remember attending a fantastic affair several years ago that featured a gold-leafed turkey as the centerpiece of the table. Get out of town! It was magnificent! Imagine the tedious task of leafing that enormous bird with fine gold foil – it was an art project unto itself. The decadent, edible masterpiece was a show-stopper! Each slice presented with the fine gold strip that carved off with the skin and so delicately detailed the meat.
Then just last week we discovered “Pilgrim Joe’s” pumpkin ice cream at Trader Joes. Although we ate it so quickly that a decorative preparation was not in the picture, I have since envisioned it spread evenly into a flakey piecrust or even a graham cracker crust to create a frozen confection version of a traditional pumpkin pie – top that with walnuts in brown sugar syrup and Voila! A new tradition begins!!
It’s a lot about food and its fabulous presentation – but it also about the table presentation. I saw white china plates in all sizes with fine metal banding for a dollar a piece at Dollar Tree in Tucson. It might be Limoges or paper plates –fine leaded crystal or Styrofoam cups – but the gathering around for a meal to pause and give thanks is a cherished event.
Let’s drape the tables, light the candles broadcast fall leaves, bring out the gilt and silver, gourds and cinnamon sticks – the warm, cozy seasonal signatures and have a little fun too – you turkey!


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