For the LOVE of Life – Bring the Plants Inside!

November 19, 2010

It’s here…perhaps a week ago- but soon, if not right now –if you haven’t done so already – it’s time to Bring the Plants Inside!!! There is a fine line between being a slave to your geraniums which seem to rejuvenate and thrive with bountiful clusters of flowers just when the air is the coolest, right before the first frost and the person who can ignore the pending doom. HOW can you possibly let them just die in the cold after such a profuse growth spurt and promise of beautiful blooms to come? That’s the irony of seasonal plants – yet, you can successfully bring them inside to weather out the winter months and return to your patio in the spring!
The problem is – where to put them??? It messes with our Interior Design to impose this wild collection of plants into the interior setting that is so precisely organized. You might even consider bringing an étagère from the patio to the inside of your home for the express purpose of placing/saving these many plants in a consolidated vertical footprint. You might place them on the floor if they are large enough to do so – that means occupying a space probably big enough for a lounge chair!!
But it is a season dilemma –very real and continuously challenging. Then there are those brave souls who make that ultimate decision – to “heck” with them – this year I am vindicated – let the frost take them – I’ll watch them shrivel into little clumps of what looks like cooked spinach!! I’ll just buy more next year! Hmmm, an economical decision – maybe…
Versus those who nurture these babies year after year and watch them change, evolve, and grow who could no more leave them to the sure death in the cruel cold of the seasonal change than stay out there themselves to freeze to death in that quiet way that “they say” that particular type of death overcomes one. No – that would NOT be an option!!
So plan ahead and eek out the space needed to house your precious plants for the cold winter months so as to enjoy releasing them to the warmth of spring on your patios bringing their new growth and joy to your outdoor living spaces!


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