Gather ‘round and Give Thanks – It’s All Relative!

November 20, 2010

A community table… in a place, like the “stand-in-line for days until your table is announced – but WELL worth the wait,” Pasqual’s in Santa Fe, is a stimulating and spontaneous experience. You elect to be seated at the “Community Table” where, in the center of the space, you are seated with total strangers to commune over your meal. Not unlike speed dating – because you are placed between people that you don’t know and conversing about whatever comes to mind and connects from there…however, not fast like “speed dating’ nor as engaging because you are not searching for a mate…
So, where does this place us in this blog? Tonight, we gathered at a friend’s for dinner. The hors d’ oeuvres were many and they were placed on the kitchen island where people usually gather for a party. But the hostess had different ideas. She had a perfectly comfortable farm table nestled into a banco filled with grand, over-stuffed down pillows WHICH that very day she had taken out back and vacuumed to a fare-thee-well.
With encouragement and the talents of a herding dog to steer us, we migrated to the table, where the hors d’oeuvres were transferred in the middle for central reach, and where began an animated collective of multiple conversations – simultaneous and energizing. The drinks were generous and the hors d’oeuvres were plenty. Complex and purely traditional cheeses and crackers, toasts with blue and walnuts, Shitake spread and veggies for the crunch and relief from the decadent and cheesy – yet elegant – proteins of it all!
As it becomes that cozy time of year…we gather with friends and make good conversation…durable, moisture resistant Crypton fabrics have made these kitchen banco pillows/cushions, in the aforementioned very real scene, easy to maintain over the years. Now, in an incredible variety of types, styles and colors, Crypton can be YOUR new best friend. Please don’t abuse it with oils…all other liquids will race off the surface – wine, water, coffee and tea – all other than oils – and even with oils, ACT FAST – and you will mitigate the problem.
Nearing Thanksgiving –we give thanks –gather round and know that others have it much more stressful than we – and if you are stressed – put it in perspective and KNOW that there are others less fortunate. Happy almost Thanksgiving! Think About It!!!!!!


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