Take time to Pause

December 4, 2010

Knowing when it’s your time to grow up and have an adult interior…I’ve asked myself that and have had many clients voice that same desire. We get so caught-up with life and its daily priorities that designing a personal, comfortable interior takes a back seat.
What defines you as an image (that maybe not many outside your inner circle will ever see) and at the same time makes you feel connected and comfortable? Looking at what you have and deciding what actually pleases you is a focused effort.
To be able to get rid of things that are either extraneous or bothersome, unpleasant or annoying will take time to pause…time to pause and study your environment…time to pause and evaluate your things…take time to pause and think about how you live or want to live…time to pause and make the conscious decision to change things.
Start with stepping back and looking at your interior world. Have you accumulated things that do not mean much if anything to you? “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. DONATE!! Truly, if you have spent any time in Goodwill, consignment shops or thrift stores you will acknowledge that you can find treasures that to your way of thinking are just that and to the one who sent them there only see disposable items. But for the good of the re-cycling cycle – it’s quite good.
So take a moment to evaluate your space…see what makes you happy and what might be dragging you down. Cull…weed out that which is not important, or worse – that which makes you unhappy. It will be a revealing if not exhilarating experience. Try it. Happy Holiday season – give to those places that know best how to re-cycle your less important accessories for the good of you and the whole.


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