The Struggle, the Dance of Domestic Design

December 9, 2010

I’ve consulted in this house for many years. The wife patiently struggles against the architectural grain of her husband in his chosen profession that encourages clean-lined contemporary pieces over her family collectibles (and his for that matter). How to make it all work?
The recent acquisition of a Corbusier “Confort” sofa and chair – the clean lines of the chrome and leather placed upon a brilliant red oriental rug layered on top of burnt orange and yellow clay Saltillo tiles…it could work – yet it’s never done completely. The remnants of previous decisions do not harmonize. The struggle continues… She though compassionately concedes, they (architects) must own these before they die. Like the bucket list of purchases…possessions… She supports this newest statement – but still longs for her traditional environment…the struggle…
“Yes”, I assure her, “the Queen Anne wing chairs can work together with these new pieces.” It’s all about what fabric and what other things, textures, patterns (or not), it’s all about balance. “In fact, often the more interesting interiors do juxtapose disparate styles – but no to the point where it looks like trying and missing”. There’s the art of it all…how to MAKE it work – well.
The trick is to get everyone in the same room at the same time and make decisions that are not concessions so much as they are agreements as to what would look/work best to accomplish the end result – melding the crisp contemporary pieces of modern design and the classic elements of more traditional furnishings…including (from her position)an elegant draping crystal chandelier – well proportioned, this is a key piece around which she wants to create a fabulous new kitchen – in a completely opposite area of the house where it now resides and has for the last 20+ years. He is NOT in favor of this radical departure from the original layout. So this dilemma is not limited to the furnishings but also the architectural space-planning of the over-all layout of the home and how to live in it.
Stay tuned to hear more about the ongoing saga of real-life husband and wife styles and goals, forward steps and lateral moves – the dance of domestic design continues…


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