Red or Green or CHRISTMAS?

December 21, 2010

As all New Mexicans and even those who frequent our Land of Enchantment and crave our cuisine know, the question is “Red, Green or Christmas?” Of course this refers to your choice of chile, THE traditional condiment and basis for nearly all savory New Mexican flavor combinations. We regard this flavorful staple from the earth to be quintessential in our Slow Food repertoire. The Red, the dried pods often found hanging as ristras from porticos and by front doors are a familiar site, are ground into powder or boiled and reconstituted to create the rich velvety or course (strained or not strained) salsa flavored with garlic and oregano for a rich, warm accompaniment or main ingredient to many dishes. The Green, the ripe chiles are used for a variety of things – but as a condiment (red or green) they are roasted and peeled, chopped and boiled resulting in a luscious salsa verde infused into or slathered on a variety of dishes. Hence, red or green and if you love them both, you’ll say “Christmas for me” which is the popular request at any time of year for a combination of the two!
As the days are their shortest, and the farolitos/luminarios are lining the streets, houses and buildings, pinon fires burn releasing a smoky scent into the night air and friends gather for a bowl of posole (red or green for you?), tamales served steaming and libations of good cheer – we celebrate Christmas and the coming and promise of the New Year.
Debbie Paisner brought us a new piece to display at the gallery called “Red or Green – I’ll take Christmas.” This delicious study of steamy enchiladas pays homage to this traditional fare in a beautifully rendered oil painting. Thanks Debbie for your ever enchanting scenes of New Mexico!

Red or Green - I'll Take Christmas!

Delicious oil painting by Debbie Paisner $575.00


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