January 2, 2011

I keep thinking that I have finished eating with gusto – holiday fashion – and then another fabulous opportunity presents itself. We have now entered the New Year of 2011 and veal marsala was offered irresistibly tonight and I selected braised spinach instead of the accompanying pasta. Do I get points?
As I recently spoke about “cleansing the color palette” of design and seasonal decoration in the face of the New Year – I recommend that we do the same for that over-taxed gastronomic palette that has been painted with all manner of food extravagances this past season.
Pass those silver platters with crisp leaves of endive topped with olive tapenades or celery stalks stuffed with lighter fare of herbed goat cheese. Chase that martini with lots of water and get out there and walk it off!!!
I was in TWO homes today – unrelated to each other and BOTH of them had two – not just one – but TWO enormous plastic orbs – yes, Pilates balls – smack dab in the center of the primary living area!! I asked each owner how and when they used them – both were shy about admitting that they were NOT employed to the extent to which they were designed and initially brought into the homes. Yet, there they were, front and center in the interior of these otherwise quite well composed living centers.
I’m thinking – put them right by your bed so that you trip over them upon arising and have to face the decision right then and there whether to do the deed and take up the task before the events of the day interfere.
Design your exercise program around a realistic living schedule. IF you can discipline yourself to set a standing appointment away from home before, during or after your day’s activities, more power to you…if jumping into something right out of the sack insures better commitment and continuity – go for it!! But design this new year’s regimen in your home, out of your home, or whatever it takes to burn off the last months’ ingested temptations and get a new start!
Happy Healthy New Year!!!


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