Dormant Months Provide Planning Time For Garden Designs

January 5, 2011

They’re not dead, they’re just sleeping!! Dormant yet quite alive, gardens are begging for attention with plans for the next season’s excitement!! We know all the recommendations about planting bulbs in the fall and pruning roses in late February, but now is the time to begin your master plan for the outdoor living spaces that will be so important and exciting in the warmer months! Plan NOW!
I have just completed three studies for a “Fantasy Garden.” The distillation of these plans into one more consolidated design will be a master plan for many years to come…it is the story of a garden comprised of an intimate series of zones and spaces ever growing, changing with the seasons and coming years. It is not static. It is a living, breathing work in progress.
This particular garden was requested by the owner to include many features such as a soaking tub, pomegranate tree, storage for bikes, cactus garden, vegetable garden, breakfast patio, party patio, meditation garden…and more…their love of art invites plans for placement of various pieces currently owned and to be acquired. Does this conjure up a picture of an enchanted maze of discovery and wonderment? It should.
Creating outdoor spaces for expanded living enjoyment can be done on a postage stamp sized piece of property (a rooftop maybe) or sections of a larger whole. Don’t hesitate to explore the possibilities for creating the pleasurable environments of an intensely manicured Japanese garden, wild xeric scene or a multi-faceted collective like the one described here. In any case, it is YOUR space and should be so very inviting that you are drawn to be out there – irresistibly drawn to the magic that is provides.
Use your imagination and envision breakfasts outside, water features providing subtly refreshing sounds, nature in the air of bird songs and soft fragrances, evenings under the stars, parties with festive lighting, outdoor kitchens, fresh air and the ever changing blooms and growth of seasonal plantings. And there’s more! Just imagine!
So, start thinking now! Gather you ideas, make a wish list and begin planning your landscape design in these quiet months, preparing aspects that are not dependent upon warmer days, so that when the time arrives, you are ready to plant, critique, sit back and enjoy!


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