Design Trends…Individual, Artful Confections of Expression

January 9, 2011

Funny how themes spread across popular culture…okay, not so funny, just fact. From what’s in Vogue to passing trends, we see the elements and wallow in the offerings. So have you noticed the cupcake craze? Designer cupcakes for crying out loud!! And you ask, why not? They’re little art pieces, individual confections of expression – and so much fun!
Cupcakes remind us of childhood and yet today are not just used for little girls’ birthday parties – they’re wedding sensations! Tiers of colorful cakes in cups – it just says fun! Once holiday opportunities, something to sprinkle jimmies on for special occasions…lick the frosting off first…orange and black for Halloween, pastel for Easter, red, white and blue for 4th of July – they now transcend mere holidays and have come into their own as spectacular presentations of creativity – gifts of decadence – simple, yet sinful nonetheless.
So we have joined the ranks with our indulgent collection of confections by Susan Roden who renders these delicate temptations in soft, swirling pastels beautiful enough to eat, offering the viewer an escape into amorous indulgence. We even have colorful cookbooks on the subject, flour sack dish cloths adorned with dripping frosted cupcakes and many other representations of this sweet timeless trend!
Can a trend be timeless or does it then become something else? If it is timeless then it transcends the suggested timeframe of a trend. And as I write this, I firmly believe that inasmuch as cupcakes are currently being re-evaluated, redesigned, and appreciated beyond their previous niche – they are NOT a trend – merely their newfound appreciation appears as though a trend…when in fact, they are a delightful little delicacy that perhaps is redesigned and improved with age and rediscovery.
I’m surprised that we haven’t seen a little Volkswagen dressed up as a cross-country touring cupcake…maybe it needs to be attached to a national name – like Sarah Lee or something…flash on the LED lights of Times Square…too bad Ben and Jerry don’t branch out into cupcakes…their Jane Mansfield cups could really run-ith over!!! “Get a load of those knockers!” Oh what Duff Goldman could do!!! That’s enough!!!
Celebrate the cupcake!!!


One Response to “Design Trends…Individual, Artful Confections of Expression”

  1. SUSAN RODEN Says:

    Oh… I’m in heaven Patti! Praise the cupcakes.
    And so eloquently stated.
    Thank you….

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