Picturing Designs – In Advance of Reality

January 13, 2011

Today started off fun. I saw the finished product of some custom cabinets that I designed with my cabinet-maker, Enrique. We had been working on this for months…stages…interspersed with other projects to keep the peace among eager, anxious clients. The red was vibrant. The maple was clean and contemporary…one project, two rooms, different material, different finishes, side-by-side – sleek, fun, cool.
Also today, I had spoken with another client about her backyard and described to her how after working with a concept and developing it into a design, after awhile the design comes to life so much so that I actually picture the finished product long before it is complete. So much so that I often have entered clients’ homes/yards/offices and not responded to a key component that they had waited weeks to receive and to their disappointment, I had not exclaimed about its addition to the scene. When brought to my attention, I realized that is was as though I had already seen it. I had envisioned it for so long it was as though it already existed. Oops! Sorry…
Then there are the really funny scenes, like that same client this morning who was expressing where she thought her Asian soaking tub should be located and why. She described it in the far corner of the yard…NOT where I had placed it on the plans. She said that she didn’t mind going that far to the tub and that in that particular corner, in the farthest corner of the yard against a fence with spaces between the fence pieces, that it was the most private. Ok, I countered…”So in the depth of winter, when the air is frosty and the night is dark, you are prepared to go streaking in your mid-calf bathrobe with scuffies on your feet to the far reaches of the yard dashing into your steamy soaking tub in the supposed privacy of that far corner of your yard only to find that your neighborhood hoods have set-up bleachers, checked their watches and convened to watch you on your accustomed/predictable schedule through the gaping spaces in the fence that YOU think is a private corner.” She was nearly in tears we were all laughing so hard! I could picture it – she ultimately did.
At the near end of a busy day full of creative consultations and entertaining exchanges, I received a call that my friend Enrique, mentioned in the first paragraph – at the start of my day – my most fabulous cabinet-maker – cut off three of his fingers and of last report, did not know if they could be successfully saved. I picture him mended and back at what he does so well…the stark contrasts between pleasure and pain, reward and disappointment…that’s reality.


2 Responses to “Picturing Designs – In Advance of Reality”

  1. SUSAN RODEN Says:

    The hot tub dreamscape was hilarious -but such a sad ending with Enrique!
    You really have painted a picture Patti and I never know what to expect.
    That’s what makes you so special…

    • pattisays Says:

      Thanks Susan…love that you are following the blog!!! We leave for Puerto Vallarta this Sat morning…it will be interesting how much I blog from there!! And what!!!

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