ART and Magical Moment with a Marine Mammal named Jenny

January 23, 2011

On Nuevo Vallarta’s malacon a group of friends and artists gather every Saturday to share news, enjoy coffee and present a most marvelous Art Show. Imagine a pristine marina of white sailboats neatly in their slips in a realm of blue as the water touches the sky with surrounding mangroves of lush green completing the scene.
A bonus to the setting, this festive exhibit is prominently positioned along the front of the lovely Estudio Café – Nuevo’s hidden jewel ( where in a charming open-air dining patio the freshest food of irreproachable quality delights the senses in this magical setting. Excellent musical selections of Chris Botti, Nora Jones, and other jazz vocal and instrumental talents waft through the clear morning air softly adding another dimension of ambiance to this ethereal atmosphere. Yes, it’s like layers of confection each providing a perfectly subtle contribution to this incredible composition. Today, the artists are joined by a special surprise guest, Jenny, the enormous sea lion from the neighboring Vallarta Adventures. She is escorted with her handlers and arrives waddling/bouncing along the malacon to greet her fans.
Jenny is quite friendly and at ease with this exercise. She is not on a leash and responds with alert attentiveness to her handlers. Jenny gives a toothy smile and waves to the small group that quickly gathers around her. With their cameras instantly whipped out in force for this most unusual event everyone realizes that what is already an incredibly enjoyable experience is taking on an entirely new animation! Jenny’s handlers are equipped with a small cooler of fresh fish which they generously use to reward her excellent behavior. She seems more than eager to please and quite happy with the praise and attention. And you can’t believe what’s next… for the morning’s art show, Jenny will paint!
My dear, young friend, Victoria is invited to hold the small stretched canvas that Jenny will use to execute her artistic talents. The handsome young handler has the paints and a special brush with a rubber mouth grip that Jenny readily takes in her teeth and proceeds to apply to the canvas. The handler changes the colors and she applies the paint in a manner that abstractly suggests a vertical green tree with a pink swath of a flamingo and a blue patch of sky. No two of these marine masterpieces are alike. She creates for the moment. She is amazing.
These are the images of magic that you want to freeze and re-open later – to beckon the scene and enjoy when the mood strikes…to evoke the simple luxury of this beautiful morning, in a magical setting, with fine art and conversation, soft music and a communion with a magnificent marine mammal whenever you have the desire and repose to do so. Porque no?


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