EEK! It’s Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day…nearing the end of a special day of near misses, desperation dates, romantic dinners, bouquets of flowers, boxes of candies – in our shop we featured all manner of loving gestures from Italian blown glass heart vases to Mexican blown glass heart pendants, heart-shaped pewter dishes, hand crafted jewelry to pastel paintings of hearts, ceramic hearts on the wall and many more originally unique ideas to show that YOU care!
“He’s Just Not That Into YOU” says it in so many ways – a great little movie – romantic comedy of sorts but with a story line that is so true. They that don’t get what they think they want end up getting what they should have and it all works out in the final analysis.
Intertwined heart shaped jewelry on T.V. advertise somebody’s design for eternity. Red roses by the bucketful – traditionally cliché! Then there’s imagination…marking the day without convention. What might that mean?
Bath rugs with shaggy red texture in the shape of a heart, pajama-grams, martini glasses with painted hearts all around, the list goes on…
Why don’t we take the time to make a handmade card? From the heart this would be the most meaningful statement of affection – taking the time and thought to create a simple but very special art piece for eternity.
Design…maybe you’ll sandblast a heart on your shower door as a surprise!!! And then there’s Christine Limke’s “Eeks” – loveable creatures each handmade by the artist – for all occasions!
Keep thinking – you have another year to come up with the perfect VALENTINE!!!


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