Refresh Your Interiors – Eco-style

February 22, 2011

The Color, GREEN – we associate it with nature’s renewal, growth, promise…it’s fresh, clean and a signature of the environmentally conscientious. In the design world the Eco-style is connecting the inside with the out-of-doors…bringing the green inside with fabulous decorative accessories to refresh your interiors. As we leave January and move through February looking toward March and the promise of springtime’s rejuvenation we long for the sight of green. So to incorporate it into your interior environment here are some ideas.
These delicate hand-blown glass vessels come in a variety of shapes and sizes and make wonderful clusters of color empty or with the added boost using flower stems – only one per each for the lighter, simpler look or bunches of baby’s breath perhaps – delicately drooping tulips or little sticks of near-budding branches from your yard. You decide – they are pocked with bubbles that signify the blown glass method and are translucent with shades of dark to chartreuse green shades – simply wonderful!
As bulbs begin to sprout and trees hint of buds…inside our homes we have the opportunity to push it along a bit. Bring home a pot of tulips or daffodils. Fresh is best – like bowls of artichokes as a centerpiece or feature on your countertop, maybe green apples or pears in a bowl made from renewable bamboo, but if that is not practical we have remarkably real-looking faux fruit to use for the suggested effect – that have an indefinite shelf life! Our faux branches are a hit too as a bouquet for your entryway or table dressing.


2 Responses to “Refresh Your Interiors – Eco-style”

  1. SUSAN RODEN Says:

    Always itching for spring this time of the year, so green accents and highlights seem to just jump start the season. Wonderful suggestions Patti!

    Also, I heard green was the best color to use for dinnerware, for was the most compatible for appetites – true or myth?

  2. pattisays Says:

    I have not heard anytig about green for tableware – might deserve a “Google.” However, it has been long stated that red is the color to enhanve the appetitie. from my persoective, green is a natural to compliment food so a good color for a kitchen and accessories…including tableware – because it speaks to the natural colors of fresh produce….and flowers…growing things…Yet the opposite color – red – might stimulate – so experiment!!! It might be a personal thing!! Thanks, Susan for your comments and inquirey!!!

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