Bartenders Answer Lifestyle Conundrums – Get a Sock Monkey

March 27, 2011

Where people live, how they live, what they see, how they interact…the “design” of their lives might be more intentional/self-conscious than others. We find ourselves in a place and time…then, we ask, are we comfortable? Could we find the same or better comfort elsewhere? Simple lives, versus lives in the fast lane…Ask the bartenders, the un-certified psychologists around the planet. Ask them about their lives – where they live and why…how they got there and what works and does not. Peter, originally from Philadelphia, now lives in a three bedroom apartment in Manhattan with two other guys with one and a half baths…walking distance from the quiet but regular bar and intimate restaurant in which this bartender pours his creations – and listens to his patrons. That apartment is a median-priced abode in a multi-level building a midst the towers and surrounded by every single piece of home décor for sale imaginable. The sensory overload is unbelievable, the offerings are infinite, and so how does one find themselves and their interior design?
The seasonal trends presented in the flamboyant storefronts – each decorator trying to make the outrageous statement that will surpass the last…scissors, orchids, ostriches – Versace, Armani, William Sonoma, they all compete for the consumer’s attention. If you invest in a decision, the next season will have you second-guessing that decision.
It’s an incredibly fast-paced extravaganza. That’s why when I came upon these sock monkeys at New York City’s Time Warner’s multi-level shopping Mecca – I took their photo. The comfort derived from these familiar faces, textures and colors immediately soothed my energized and exhausted designer’s overload.
Be comfortable and EXPRESS YOURSELF!!!

So in NYC where sensory overload is the primary experience…I found these very familiar little friends.


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