Immortal Merit of Ancient Architectural Designs

April 12, 2011

THE Acropolis venue – this might be my one and only performance!! Ta Da!! But to be in these places where so much history is embedded in the stone and where modern celebrities have entertained and received worldwide exposure – it is staggering and humbling to even stroll by and see it – imagining the many scenes and who has performed and what on this and other ancient stages – imagining actually being invited to perform there in modern times with the ghosts of the millennia echoing through the zephyrs of the site.The Acropolis
These magnificent structures challenge if not defy our understanding as to how they were constructed so many thousands of years ago. Yet it is fascinating to realize what stunning architectural design impact they left and that we have utilized and incorporated their designs through the centuries and still value and employ today. Who was that first person or team of clever thinkers to determine to put a couple of things upright and something across the top of them and create the column and beam framework for structures? Not to mention the increased weight bearing techniques and incredible adornment that followed to improve and embellish the structures. From the pyramids to the palaces, the arches and vaults, the timeless influence of their ancient building designs and decorative arts is found in not only architectural design, but the design of interior spaces and furniture design as well. It’s inspiring to stop and think about the historical importance and true immortal merit that these ancient designers contributed to our planet.


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