The Cat In the Hat Brings Fond Memories and Interior Design Fun!

April 21, 2011

As I sat down to pen this blog, I was forced to race upstairs and extract my very own original copy of The Cat in the Hat from my childhood library. Yes, I maintain the luxury of a room entirely devoted to the things of my past (and ongoing for that matter), and it overflows with nostalgia, collectables, letters, photos, travel memorabilia, artwork, a vintage Schwinn excercycle and so much more! This edition says copyright 1957 without mention of a later date of issue…which means that if it is an original release (and I hate to admit how close to my birth year that actually was), I have a treasure in my hands. Original paper jacket and my own handwritten name penciled on the first inside page – well, I wanted to make sure everyone knew it was mine – so I wrote my name in pencil on the inside cover AND the first page…and two versions of my name to boot! The pages are perfect – a tad yellowed, maybe – but quite remarkable for the hours of enjoyment that this book provided over many years. “The sun did not shine, It was too wet to play. So we sat in the house All that cold, cold wet day.”
This past weekend we were treated to the first of our Third Annual Summer Saturday Art Series on the sidewalk in front of our shop. Outrageously talented artist Gene McClain presented an array of fantastic creatures, furniture, and fun!!! Gene carves, builds and creates incredible painted pieces of all manner of expression with humor, sarcasm, prose, promise, fun, frivolity, and thoughtful perspective.
For kids of all ages, I selected The Cat InThe Hat upon which to pose. This fabulous chair would be the PERFECT decorative, functional art piece for the child in all of us!!! So as you remember the cat tempting fate with all of the ridiculously daring stunts he demonstrated to Sally and her brother – open your hearts to the whimsy and genius that was Dr. Seuss and who’s genius now in Gene McClain brings one of our favorite all time characters into our interiors! Presenting The beloved Cat In the Hat – chair???!!!

Perching to pose with The Cat in the Hat by Gene McClain


One Response to “The Cat In the Hat Brings Fond Memories and Interior Design Fun!”

  1. Pat Forbes Says:

    Love this, Patti! CAT IN THE HAT lives!!

    CAT IN THE HAT is one of my favorites, not discovered until I became a mother, and now I get to read it to my grandchildren.

    Gene was courageous to pick a Saturday in April, and I was glad to see the wind subsided for his day!

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