COLOR – Be Brave – Take the Step!

May 5, 2011

A happy coconut face on a sunshine yellow wall surrounded by lipstick!

How many of you LOVE color when you see it, but shy away when it comes to your own Interior Design? Go ahead, raise your hands!! Now, I appreciate and even embrace the taupe/neutral colors that are some peoples’ version of bold as opposed to standard off-white walls…at least they “pop” off of the white trim creating a contrast for crying out loud!!! I have a few chartreuse accents. But what IF you painted a wall red??????????????
I hosted an Open House this past weekend where the walls were bright yellow accented with blue and white Talavera Mexican tile and punctuated with “lipstick” coral/pink walls all trimmed in white . Sounds daring – doesn’t it? Well, it is – but it works! EVERY single person who came through the house had positive comments. Most were exclamatory and startlingly complimentary. Perhaps the house was too small or they could not use the furniture (without giving up their entire life’s inventory), but over-all the comments were almost those of jealous envy – envy of the nerve it seemed to take to make such decisions to use such festive colors – wishing it were theirs and that they could move in right away.
I spoke to couples who punched at each other saying things like “we could do this,” or “why can’t WE do this?” Seeing the completed project and everything in context makes it all very good. The scary thing is making that first color choice and swishing it on the wall…it’s very scary. But, GET OVER IT!!!! Until you make the decision to take the step – to make the move – to begin to commence to start the process, you’re sunk.
But it IS all about CONTEXT. I’ve seen many “accent” walls disturb a space rather than compliment it. That’s scary – if not unfortunate. It’s a shame to waste the exercise. It’s worse to waste the exercise and not know why it doesn’t work. Color is interactive. Color is dynamic. Color can enhance or detract. Color is powerful.
So think about what you like when you see color. Think about what you have and how color can enhance what you have. Think about what colors make you happy and how (if applicable) those colors can participate in your color scheme.
Have fun. Call me…..:)


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