Veil of Smoke Casts Surreal Scene for Photographers

June 8, 2011

Photographers are capturing surreal, beautiful, intense subject matter with dreadful atmospheric conditions of AZ fire – beauty found where devastation continues. The irony of the profoundly stunning scenes that we have seen of the sun, when the shroud of smoke blows in from the west and obscures our Sandias, erases the mesa and powerful western horizon while coating everything with a fine soot and making it difficult to breathe, is bizarre. Similar to an eclipse we look up at the white to crimson hot orb radiating through the smoke – so veiled that you can see it with the naked eye – probably shouldn’t do that – but we do because it is so fascinatingly ethereal and unbelievable.


One Response to “Veil of Smoke Casts Surreal Scene for Photographers”

  1. SUSAN RODEN Says:

    So interesting, yet sad how Mother Nature can wreck havoc.
    Posted your blog post onto my blog Patti here – to spread the word.

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