Inventive Spirits Have No Boundaries as Lady Ga Ga Makes A Design Statement for Teen Girls!

June 26, 2011

Glitzy Teen Party Theme – We’re Ga Ga for a Good Party!

This weekend, my friend threw a birthday party for her 16 year-old daughter. The theme was Lady Ga Ga and she pulled out all the gaudy elements that would put it over the top! An enormous party tent, DJ, virgin cocktail bar, white draped yard furniture, bouquets of roses, candelabra, glitz and bling! Today’s Albuquerque Journal addresses encouraging your teen to participate in the design/décor of their room. Go to Pottery Barn and you will find an entire section devoted to this market niche. Those teen consumers are proving to be a very significant segment in today’s economic demographic. They discriminate, set trends, follow trends, and buy trends. You gotta know what’s hot.
So they’re all of sudden Ga Ga for Ga Ga!! From her live concerts to creating chandeliered dance tents and disco dance floors for the party scene – she’s hot and they buy into it!
We study trends and try to determine which will stick and which will fade away…which will stand out as bon a fide contributions to the stream of design movements and/or individuals that/who make historical impact versus those that/whom are passing fancies. Rock stars and movie legends make their mark. Some provide a greater design statement – influence design trends more than others. Lady Ga Ga is out there making statements to get the critics’ attention in a powerfully demonstrative, creative and artful manner. To emulate her would be foolish. Yet she herself has had a springboard to her design style from Madonna’s earlier influence marking the outrageous in her singular fashion – now furthered with Ga Ga’s ooh la la ga ga creativity.
Imagination – from hard science to art and design – imagination fuels the unique, the original, and the newest discoveries. Inventive spirits have no boundaries. Art cannot be described by limited frameworks. It is ever-evolving, ever stimulating and evoking – it is imagination, experimentation and expression set free. Yet even the tightest realism is an intense form of imaginative expression as the artist delves into their interpretation of the finest, accurate detail that they can perceive and project. It’s all about being aware of, and open to so many possibilities. Just imagine.


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