Whacky WATER PARTY BALL fun at the NM State Fair!!!

September 20, 2011

This ingenious creation – so much fun to watch – must be crazy to participate! Although the weight limit is 200lbs, we did not see any adults partake while we watched the kids go wild!! Splashing water from the shallow pool scattered with clear plastic orbs inside of each are kids of all ages rolling and running like hamsters on a wheel! Some will lunge at the walls inside of these giant bubbles thrusting themselves against the side and instantly rolling down to the bottom…while others relax and float amidst the insanity around them. It’s like running on water! Standing is a trick, challenging the most balanced of ballerinas. You can hear the squeals and laughter coming from both the kids and the on-lookers! It was incredible entertainment for all. And the time allotted is quite generous – great value for your Fair dollar!
Aside from the energized activity of it all, it reminded me of Chihuly’s colorful glass orbs floating gracefully in the reflecting pool at the St. Louis Botanical Gardens during a magnificent site exhibit a couple of years ago. So to the designers of this refreshingly fabulous feature at the Fair – touché! It should be the best backyard birthday party favorite for adults and kids alike!


One Response to “Whacky WATER PARTY BALL fun at the NM State Fair!!!”

  1. Susan Roden Says:

    How cool is this? What fun – encased in bubbles!

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