Feel the Felt, Feel the LOVE and Wonders of Woven Wool.

October 28, 2011

This season we’re all about felt! From jewelry to handbags—and we have had a blast finding the coolest examples out there of this wonderful wearable art medium!

Traditionally, felt has had many practical applications – nomadic people in eastern cultures found this non-woven method of making cloth easy and serviceable. From clothing items to construction material its strength, texture and insulating properties have many uses. The colors are limitless as the wool can be dyed and the brilliant combinations can be dazzling.

We have discovered many wonderful applications for felt-work in home fashion and personal accessorizing! Right here in Albuquerque, fiber artist Louise Lucero stitches artful combinations for home décor. Her pillows and table top dressings are delightful. Her medallions for round tables and runners for squares and rectangles warmly accent the surface whether as everyday pieces or as a special party statement for a festive occasion. She also makes unique bookmarks—great for book club party favors or as gifts for the avid readers in your life. Her larger scale wall pieces and bed quilts make spectacular one-of-a-kind interior design accents. We’re currently talking with her about a new collection of hats and handbags too!

Lucero’s felt pillow on handpainted Peabody chair

Another pair of local talents here in the high desert of New Mexico is making felt hair ornaments. The very creative Ms. Ella and her sister Ms. Sara explain that their floral, felt hair clips are made from recycled plastic bottles—that makes them especially eco-friendly and the two sisters create this whimsical wearable art in a smoke-free, child-friendly home! What a special arrangement—resulting in charming handmade adornments!

Recycled bottles = felt! Artists Ms Ella and Ms Sara

Soft balls of felt beads from Nepal for necklaces and bracelets. The bright multi-colored strands go with many colors—dress up an outfit of jeans and a t-shirt or wear them with strings of sterling beads for a dressier look.

Fabulous felt balls – colorful soft jewelry!

When we were in Turkey last Spring I was enchanted by the fabulous color combinations and designs of these smashing, snuggly wearable Ottoman wool art pieces! Walking through the cool drizzly rain glistening off the beautiful stone streets of Istanbul, the lights started coming on and the vendors and shoppers began gathering to barter. Spicy fragrances, brilliant colors and amazing artwork come to life! Knowing that I would buy at that moment with summer coming and save them until fall, I have been chomping at the bit all this time waiting anxiously to present them to our clients! Get ready to wrap-up in these exquisitely artful scarves.

Ottoman wool scarves from Istanbul!

Pair it up with one of artist Rene Rector’s handwoven chenille and mixed media hats – very creative – wearable art style!

Rene Rector’s handwoven hats!



One Response to “Feel the Felt, Feel the LOVE and Wonders of Woven Wool.”

  1. Pat Forbes Says:

    What a lovely collection of felt pieces. And just as the weather cools down!

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