The Art of Collage as Architectural Motifs

November 14, 2011

Pat Forbes builds layered paper collage for her series Architectural Motifs.

Pat Forbes builds tippy towers, cantilevered blocks and layers of geometric shapes to create her series Architectural Motifs.

Geometry layered with cut paper pieces constructing resemblances of architectural forms are the signature theme of a new series of compositions by New Mexico artist Pat Forbes. She comes from other places where tall buildings loomed and urban density was the tapestry of her world. But now, here in the desert, she has abstracted those forms and intensified the colors resulting in hallucinations of those urban scenes to hang on the wall.

Whether on wood or stretched canvas as seen here, Forbes likes squares. She builds tippy towers, cantilevered blocks and layers of geometric shapes to create her series, Architectural Motifs. The contrast between the brilliant colors and fluidity of the open spaces of New Mexico and the rigid over-lapping planes and cubes of color fragmented in the urban architecture join to make her bold statement. See more of her fine work at

Art is about observation and interpretation. Knowing your medium and using it to produce an idea, expression, emotion…the abstraction of an artist’s thoughts and ideas can be most intriguing. Using expressive abstraction in Interior Design brings bold color and conversation to the personality of a space.


One Response to “The Art of Collage as Architectural Motifs”

  1. Susan Roden Says:

    I love Pat’s work and you just so eloquently described her process and thoughts Patti. Thank you for the insight.

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