ART Beneath Your Feet

December 4, 2011

Art beneath your feet

It’s an expensive finish material, so we don’t see it a lot, but terrazzo floors are beautiful, wear like iron and fascinate me. Yes, in larger urban centers and often in major airports the artistic treatments that are designed into the matrix of stone chips, and other materials are fantastic. The colors are now endless as the manipulation of the materials and additional materials have expanded the medium. Once rather common and often now considered dated – I take exception – and so do the many who participate in the design, fabrication and installation of these fabulous floors!

Other materials, such as the shell flecks strewn through the dark matrix of stone that is the primary surface of several concourses of the Miami airport, make a contextual statement – here, the context that shells are found scattered on the sandy beaches of sunny Florida. The brass inlay suggests shell skeletons embedded in the black sand – sounds more like the lava beaches of Guadalupe than Florida – but that’s the artistic license of the artist(s). The shine of the brass and the iridescence of the shell chips add bling against the high contrast of the dark background. It also, upon closer inspection, looks like a star constellations amidst the galaxies and myriad particles of twinkling lights in outer space. Maybe they are floating in an abyss in the dark depths of the sea.  Especially here with the explosion of the flash reflecting against the hard, smooth glossy surface you can imagine either scenario – that of deep space with a burst of light penetrating the blackness or the ocean depths and a light source attempting to capture the existence of the creatures – a dark glittery scene with weightless, floating images.

Look down next time you are waiting for a Sky Link or rushing to your gate…you might be surprised to see the art beneath your feet.

Terrazzo flooring designs Miami


One Response to “ART Beneath Your Feet”

  1. Pat Forbes Says:

    Hmm-m. I like this.

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