Clean Smells Good and Lavender is a Wonderful Scent

January 2, 2012

elizabethW lavender collection

Refresh with elizabethW’s lovely lavender line of products for your interior!

Interior Design is about all the senses. It’s not just about how a scene looks. Sure, the pleasing appearance is most of what we consider when thinking about interior design, yet what about the sounds, the smell, and the tactile elements? The environments in which we live work and play involve our perceptions based upon what we see, the acoustics of a space, the scents experienced and how it feels when we touch certain surfaces.
As I enter a space I always notice the smell. For better or worse it’s a key feature to what I am to expect and what I am about to experience. The delicious smells of a fresh bakery make me want to indulge in a delectable pastry. The stale grease permeation of a less than responsible eating establishment makes me want to leave and make an alternate selection. The blends of fragrances I experience as I pass by a perfume department entice me to buy a new scent. The chemical assault of a nail salon makes me not want their services. And as I am in a variety of people’s homes during the course of my consultations, homes say a lot about the inhabitants. Shame on me – as I am guilty of having my pets define that sensory experience on more than one occasion in my abode!
Yes, pet odors are unacceptable. Yet there are other unidentified odors that define a home in a negative fashion – often a combination. Residual cooking odors, smoking, and unclean fabrics emit odors.
So first and foremost – CLEAN. Pet problems – remove tainted items, use warm soapy water extraction when possible on carpets, upholstery that cannot be removed or replaced (See Blog November 5, 2010). Clean litter boxes, and flooring around them. Wash linens and draperies. Open the windows and air it all out!
When it’s all clean, you can add your favorite fragrance. I’ve said before this is NOT to mask odors and is only advised after all is fresh and clean. We have found a wonderful collection from the elizabethW line. What turns a house into your home? It’s your personal touches. As intimate as the perfume you wear, with the right scent, you can easily impart your personality into your home.

Light, refreshing Room Sprays, Perfume Candles, and Room Diffusers are all great delivery systems for your scent. And I love what we’ve found with elizabethW – offering much more. Using only the finest silks and linens, as well as sensual, aromatic oils and flowers, they design and craft unique gifts such as drawer and pillow liners, sachets for closets or drawers, and an expanding collection of tissue box covers and roll tissue bags filled with fragrant lavender buds – all handcrafted in their San Francisco workshop. We also love their big spray bottles of linen water – the naturally fresh lavender sprayed on your bed linens and upholstery refresh with an aromatically sensuous scent that is sure to enhance the enjoyment of your home.
Start the NEW YEAR crisp and clean with the natural aromatic scent of lavender! Here’s to a fresh 2012!
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