Fragmenting a Well Choreographed Interior Due to a Relocation

January 11, 2012

Moving is a chore. The future might be exciting, the move might be upwardly mobile – or not. Disbanding a home is not fun. We have a client who had no sooner settled into a fabulous loft condominium in the hip urban architecture of her new digs when a fantastic job transfer forced a move.

She transferred into this new environment from another climate – another world. This was exciting, new, challenging and riddled with opportunity to go outside the box for the design choices to feather her nest. She enthused about everything that she encountered that was different, well-crafted, unique, artistically functional, colorful, and textural – all things beautifully combined to create an art piece of an interior.

Moving might not always mean what it does in this instance. She already had a primary place of residence filled with family pieces, nostalgic treasures and gatherings of a lifetime, and this new urban scene was a departure from her norm.  This had been an opportunity to experiment with contemporary design, bold colors, abstract and expressionistic art and sadly there is no place to incorporate it in the tiny new interior where she has placed herself practically and with a purpose – where she now finds herself – in yet another world.

The new place is straddling the design direction of her primary abode filled with lovely traditional furnishings and will be punctuated with her contemporary artwork and a couple of the special pieces that she had crafted for the loft – but after photographing, recording dimensions, laying out the furniture in the new floor plan, agonizing over limitations and choices, the decisions were made. And after all the thorough deliberation it was apparent that many of the recently custom designed and fabricated elements must go.  Fragmenting this well-balanced and choreographed interior has been heartrending.

Among the outstanding functional art pieces that I and my team designed for her – here are a few of the unique items made by local artists and craftsmen that are available for purchase.


Red Lacquer Tonsu Twist              60W x 36H – $3766.50


Triangulated Pedestal Table with Glass Top – $1208.25


Burnished Steel Bench with Cut Plush Striped Base Relief Cushion – 24W x 48L x 23.5H – $887.50


Happy Chest – 21H x 21W x 24D – $1046.25


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